Middlebridge is a school community that celebrates individual abilities
and supports students’ academic and personal growth.  Middlebridge is a haven for learning, growing, and belonging. We are a community of teachers, peers, and families that understands the academic and social challenges our students face.  

Our students are complicated learners who may have experienced difficulty succeeding in a traditional classroom setting. Our multifaceted, integrated, and individualized approach works to create more confident and capable students. Our dynamic teachers work collaboratively to determine the best ways to serve each unique student.

Our innovative Social Pragmatics class enables students to grow socially and emotionally and develop the skills needed for independent living.  Our Lighthouse program internships provide students with the opportunity  to develop job-related skills.  Individual daily tutoring ensures that areas of difficulty are consistently worked on and addressed.

At Middlebridge, students become part of a community of enthusiastic learners.


"We spent the first 16 years of our daughter's life in an unsuccessful search for educators who 'get it'. We've finally found Middlebridge School, which 'gets' that the entire child must be addressed. Every staff member has an uncanny ability to relate to the kids with humor and compassion." -Middlebridge Parent


"The mission of Middlebridge School is to provide instruction, opportunities, and support for students with learning differences. Our community is designed to develop students’ academic abilities, intellectual curiosity, and physical and social-emotional development. We strive to create life-long learners with increased independence and maturity that thrive in the post-graduate setting of their choice."


"Middlebridge students are nourished intellectually, emotionally, and share a connectedness that can only come from a caring community where staff go above and beyond for the special students at this great school! The enthusiasm shines through like a beacon on our son and makes him feel proud of his school, his learning and his achievements." -Middlebridge Parent  


"I think it's true that it takes a village to raise a child. At Middlebridge we've found a caring community where the staff acts as one to create a safe place for our son to learn" -Middlebridge Parent